Ask The Expert - Password Security in Simple Steps

16th November 2017

This simple 9 step process can seriously enhance your level of protection from the average hacker. It also means that if anything misses the net, and someone has a password still you don’t want them to have, the passwords will be changed at least within a given timeframe you set. This ensure you have a policy in place to ensures and enforces password changes, especially for admin based accounts which can cause a lot of damage

Helping SMB's Protecting Your Business

25th October 2017

Q: It seems like every day I hear about a new security threat. With phishing scams on the rise, I want to educate SMB's on how to avoid it. Most of SMB's have only the most basic knowledge regarding security practices, so I want to teach upi in a way that won’t overwhelm you with information. What are the most important things SMB's should know about phishing attacks?

New Clean and Lean Serivce

9th February 2017

Why is my Brand-New PC so Slow?

When you buy a new Windows PC, you expect it to be clean and lean, starting up fast and speeding through your work as quickly as you need it to.

When you buy a new Windows PC, you expect it to be clean and lean, starting up fast and speeding through your work as quickly as you need it to.

Secure Hybrid Cloud Services from Sagari

29th September 2016

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is: How secure can Hybrid Cloud Services actually be? In fact, the answer is very simple. Hybrid Cloud Services are as secure as you want them to be.

An Overview of Sagari's Services for the Legal Sector

29th September 2016

After more than ten years of working within the Legal Sector, here at Sagari, we have been able to define an industry specific offering that creates opportunities for business improvements, alongside an effective IT solution that delivers security, stability and outstanding support.

24/7 IT Support for the Financial Sector Is Essential

19th August 2016

When it comes to the speed of change within an industry and the level of regulation and competition it has to face, there aren’t many sectors than can compare to the world of finance.

Client expectations are high. The needs of the customer are paramount – and with a constant requirement for reliable and immediate information, only with solid and reliable IT support service can your business stay ahead.

Total Data Security for Healthcare Businesses with Sagari

18th August 2016

Immediate access to highly confidential data is vital in the healthcare sector. Not only does it provide life-saving information on patients in their time of need, but it also ensures your organisation can offer the highest level of care.

As the industry moves towards completely electronic health records, the demand for faster access to patient data from multiple locations, at all times of the day and night, is greater than ever. The need for total data security, with an established hosted services company protecting the information involved, is paramount.

24/7 IT Support for the Financial Sector Is Essential

1st August 2016

When it comes to the speed of change within an industry and the level of regulation and competition it has to face, there aren’t many sectors than can compare to the world of finance.

Client expectations are high. The needs of the customer are paramount – and with a constant requirement for reliable and immediate information, only with solid and reliable IT support service can your business stay ahead.

Sagari IT Support for the Legal Sector: 100% Reliable

19th July 2016

For any business operating within the legal sector, being able to provide a consistent and reliable service to your clients is of paramount importance.

Legal requirements, compliance issues and your own corporate integrity rely on you being able to deliver the highest quality service. However, if you do not have the appropriate IT support in place, attaining the necessary level of reliability within your business is simply out of the question.

ISO 9001 and 27001 Accreditation: What are they and why are they so essential?

13th July 2016

Regulatory standards are always an easy way to identify which service providers will provide you with a level of quality you can be sure of. In the IT services industry, the two most reliable indicators of comprehensive protection are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Hosted Services from Sagari: An Introduction

23rd June 2016

When you want top quality IT services for your business without the upfront investment costs, hosted services provide a viable and very affordable option - but there are still many companies that are deterred from using such a facility, simply because they don’t understand how it works.

So here, we'll break it down, showing you exactly what you can expect from Sagari’s hosted services, and the benefits it can have for your business.

Unbeatable IT Support for the Healthcare Sector with Sagari

23rd June 2016

If you look back ten, five or even two years, the health sector has changed beyond recognition. The pressure on healthcare practitioners to deliver the highest possible standards of service with the most limited resources is growing by the day

How Far Can You Trust The Cloud?

26th May 2016

There have been many reports in the newspapers about the insecurity of cloud computing. Indeed, even Apple's iCloud has found its security compromised in recent times. But when it comes to storing sensitive data, when you choose the appropriate hosted services supplier, the cloud can be the safest place there is.

Security, Stability, Speed - with Sagari's UKFast Datacentres

19th May 2016

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by at the moment when another IT Consultancy or Managed Service provision doesn’t come onto the market promising the earth. It seems everyone is trying to offer the cheapest price, the fastest service or the greatest geographical spread!

Sagari: Providing Service and Support for the Legal Sector

4th May 2016

The legal sector has undergone radical change over recent years. Increased competition, growing pressures to become more commercial, and changes in legislation have meant that it is no longer possible to stay ahead on reputation alone. Now, each business needs a solid and reliable corporate focus, and a formidable IT infrastructure plays a vital role in this.

Stability is Everything for Healthcare Businesses

28th April 2016

Data loss, breaches of confidentiality and unreliable computer systems are a hazard of any industry, but none more so than in the healthcare sector.

In one recent study carried out by the Office for Civil Rights in the US, it was noted that more than 253 healthcare breaches, that affected more than 500 healthcare users had taken place in 2015 alone, equating to a total loss of more than 112 million records. And this is only the beginning.

Total IT Support with Sagari

12th April 2016

As one of the three pillars of our business mission, support is not only an intrinsic part of the Sagari offering, it is the fundamental basis of our core delivery. From the moment we start working together, your dedicated Account Manager will not only develop an understanding your overall system requirements, but will also create the support strategy that will most effectively service your unique needs. With this total IT support you can enjoy the 99.99% up-time that Sagari can deliver, and true confidence in your own operations.

IT Consultancy for the Financial Sector

12th April 2016

There is no business sector where generic IT Services are ever going to deliver the best results. But when it comes to the Financial Sector, the requirements are unique – and at Sagari, we know all about them.

Sensitive Data Security: Facts for Legal, Financial and Medical Businesses

30th March 2016

In companies that provide confidential client services, the need for high end data security is critical. Many hackers see such businesses as an easy way to gain access to the valuable information held about clients. Yet the majority of smaller companies who hold sensitive data have not taken adequate precautions to deal with such threats.

99.999% IT Stability for SME’s: How It’s Achieved

9th March 2016

Well, the quick answer is, because it’s true. The quality of our technological advancements, the expert knowledge of our leading-edge developers and the unparalleled investment we have made in the highest quality infrastructure ensures our service capabilities are second to none.

Is VoIP a Viable Alternative to a Traditional Phone Line?

16th July 2014

You may already be familiar with software such as Viber or Skype but have yet to come across the term – VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, it acts as a means of communicating verbally, through the internet, as opposed to through traditional phone lines.

Good Supplier + Good Cloud = Increased Profits

1st July 2014

At the end of the day, business is about making money, so surely it’s in your best interest to take note of any opportunities to trim the fat and boost profits? The combination of a good supplier and a cloud solution – that suits your organisation – is a sure fire way of improving revenue and becoming a more efficient company as a whole.

Start Using Soonr, Sooner

6th June 2014

It’s all good and well deciding to use data centres to store your data, but the decisions don’t end there, next you need to choose what interface to use, what software package to get the best out of the situation. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are gaining traction for personal use but it’s likely that you will need something a little more robust to cope with your organisation’s workload. At Sagari, we recommend the use of Soonr, it’s easy to pick up but has a breadth of functions to cater for everyone.

Why Outsourcing Doesn’t Mean Putting Your Department at Risk

2nd June 2014

There seems to be an underlying belief that cloud computing is something apart from IT, something that will take jobs away from the industry, but this isn’t the case. It’s foolish to suggest that cloud adoption won’t have an effect on your department, all innovation requires change and readjustment, but it needn’t be the death knell to a career in technology. Cloud computing, and outsourcing your internal data and servers to a provider, is still an aspect fundamental to the industry.

Boosting Security with Top-Tier Datacentres

29th April 2014

Our previous blog entries have touched upon the importance of data security, when choosing your cloud solution. We write about this topic so regularly to reassure those who still view the cloud computing as untrustworthy.

Online Backup – Is Your Bottom Line Protected?

29th April 2014

Using an online back-up service is fast becoming the most efficient, cost effective and, importantly, secure way in which to back-up all of your organisation’s data. The disadvantages of relying on traditional on premises back-up solutions are mounting as the online alternative becomes more and more reliable. It’s fair to suggest that you may be losing out by retaining your traditional storage methods instead of going over to the cloud.

Sagari – Cloud Storage: Why It Transforms Your Business

9th April 2014

Over the past 15 years data has become more and more of a concern to every industry. In this same time frame there has been an increase in IT uptake by businesses, not to mention a move to store more and more digitally. Originally, making data available digitally, presented massive space saving opportunity. The reams of paper stored in filing cabinets dedicated to storage could be condensed into one electronic box. As time has passed this has become less and less simple. Servers are now more and more complex to deal with the ever changing world of computing. How do you overcome this?

Sagari – Choosing a Cloud Solution to Suit Your Budget

3rd April 2014

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more relevant to more and more industries. What was once the domain of the most advanced tech firms is now spreading out into all facets of business life. The vast array of options available make the decision to jump into the cloud quite complex.

Nimble Storage Array Solution

17th February 2014

We have recently procured and installed our new Nimble storage solution and are very impressed with the results.

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