New Clean and Lean Serivce

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Clean and Lean Service

Why is my Brand-New PC so Slow?

When you buy a new Windows PC, you expect it to be clean and lean, starting up fast and speeding through your work as quickly as you need it to.


The truth is, most Windows PCs start off slower than they should be, clogged with unnecessary preloaded software. Known as BLOATWARE, this software comes in many different forms. Most bloatware isn't dangerous, but it can slow down your system and take up space on your hard drive.

How Much Faster Should my PC be?

 How much does bloatware slow down your PC? It's hard to say, but there are some indications that it can have a considerable effect. Microsoft sells a line of what it calls Signature PCs, computers that are free of third-party software. According to the product page, on average, the Signature PCs start up 104% faster, shut down 35% faster and have 28 minutes more battery life than the same laptops with bloatware.

What Types of BLOATWARE are there?

Th main BLOATWARE pre-installed on new machine are as follows:

  • Additional Software – This is normally 3rd party software that generate more revenue for the Manufacturer is you buy it
  • Trialware – Trialware, as it sounds, is software you can trial and if you purchase it, will again generate more revenue for the Manufacturer
  • Utilities and Useful Apps – Manufacturers frequently include their own software on PCs they sell, such as checking your hardware for problems, and making sure you update software
  • Adware – Finally, there's adware, a particularly nasty form of bloatware that exists solely to pump ads to the user, either via websites or via popups that come up directly on your computer screen. Adware can do worse than irritate you and/or slow your PC down -- it can spy on you as well, or expose your system to other dangers.

How can I Remove It?

In some cases, you can remove it simply by uninstalling it. A good strategy when you get a new system is to check it for software before you install any applications of your own and uninstall any programs you know you won't want. (If you're not sure whether you want it or not -- even after doing a bit of research -- then simply note its existence so that you can go back and remove it later if you want to.)

On the other hand, there are preinstalled programs that most users can't do anything about.

The Solution

Sagari are now offering our own “Clean and Lean” service. Yes, it sounds a little cheesy we know but when we discussed what this service achieve is cleaning off the applications, Spyware and Adware so you can have a lean fresh and fast PC to work with.

The Benefits to you

This service will increase the speed of PC by as much as 103%
By cleaning your machine down of Adware and Spyware, you are removing the potential security risks of the BLOATWARE installed on your machine 
Your PC will start up a lot quicker so you won’t be painfully waiting around
The battery life of your portable device will increase by as much as 28 minutes, giving you much more time before you need hit the mains again
We can significantly increase the speed of your machine again, once it has been in use for a year or two
It saves you from having to remove the applications manually which is a slow and tiresome exercise
Every staff member will have the best experience

How much does this Cost?

To create the first “Clean and Lean” image of your machine, one of our Sagari engineers will need to perform the following process

  1. Unbox the machine
  2. Connect the machine to the domain so we can access it on the Sagari network
  3. Connect it to the network so we can get internet
  4. Install the Windows Operating System depending on what you require Windows 7,8 or 10
  5. Install every driver for the machine so the Hardware works
  6. Install every Windows Update so the machine is patches to the latest version
  7. Make configuration changes to the BIOS which is the system Firmware that controls the flow between the Operating System and Device
  8. We will then need to run a set of critical tests, to ensure the machine is running at optimal performance
    Rectifying any errors will need to be performed lastly, to ensure there are no issues before we image the machine
  9. The Sagari engineer will then create the image and store this on our network so we can use for every new machine that is the same make and model

The Sagari engineer will then create the image and store this on our network so we can use for every new machine that is the same make and model

Please feel free to contact the Sales Team directly to find out more at or contact 01273 929371

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