Plan Your Path to Digital Transformation: Cloud Only or Hybrid Cloud?

By taking advantage of Cloud technology, forward-thinking businesses are stealing a competitive edge. The Cloud provides them with an IT infrastructure that comes with fewer costs and hassles. The ‘Cloud Only’ approach - that is, having all of your computing power, data, and applications on the Cloud – works well for many businesses, especially those starting up with a clean slate. However, it isn’t the right fit for everyone. This is where the ‘Hybrid Cloud’ comes in.

The Hybrid approach doesn’t mean ditching or disrupting all of your existing IT infrastructure. It is instead about seeing what aspects of your business could work best with the Cloud and beginning this transition bit by bit. For example, this could be as simple as shifting your business’ email to the Cloud, while the rest of applications remain tied to your existing on-site IT infrastructure.

A recent survey by Microsoft revealed that 80% of enterprise decision makers see themselves operating in a ‘Hybrid’ environment for years to come, getting the best out of an IT infrastructure that is part on-site and part in the Cloud.

Here at Sagari, we can help you develop the right path to the digital transformation of your business by taking advantage of what the Cloud has to offer. Here are some of the ways we can help accelerate business growth and increase performance:


Assess what elements of your IT architecture ought to be in the Cloud and what ought to stay on-site, for now. We consider issues such as performance, agility, cost and compliance.


Implement powerful, Cloud-based applications and technology that mid-sized businesses could never afford to install or maintain on site.


Install state-of-the-art Cloud hardware, applications and services, which are regularly updated with the latest improvements at no additional cost or hassle.


Preserve your cash with low, monthly subscriptions instead of huge, upfront hardware, software and project costs.


Give you the flexibility to scale costs up and down in tiny increments as the number of staff and level of demand changes, all without any big, upfront commitment.


Weather any disruption with affordable backup and robust disaster recovery.


Help employees to work securely, wherever they are, using whatever device they need to do the job.


Centralise document control with secure access, even when users are remote or unable to connect to the Internet.


Improve security by controlling access to applications and data centrally, rather than leaving control in the hands of employees.

We highly recommend you take advantage of our "Cloud Readiness Assessment" which is a 3-step process to help you get prepared for migrating to a Hybrid or Cloud only solution. Please click on "Are You Cloud Ready" button below to find out more information.

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