Hosted Servers

Sagari offer hosted managed and unmanaged servers which we can customise to any specification requirements. These are securely managed from Tier 3+ UK approved datacentres. Running a hosted server means it takes away the burden of dealing with this yourself. You pay monthly subscription and you can be confident that our highly skilled team will manage the well-being of the server for the lifetime of the contract.

Why Choose Sagari Hosted Servers?

High performing server for low monthly cost Image Sagari

High performing server for low monthly cost

We offer 3 levels of servers so it is very easy to be up and running quickly, or for the bespoke solution we will quote a price for specific builds. All built, tested and deployed quickly so you can get on with running your business.

Consistent high quality builds Image Sagari

Consistent high quality builds

Being ISO 9001 accredited ensures we deliver our services out at the highest level every time. We want your hosted service and service to be to the standard you expect, which is why we follow strict processes to deliver on our promise.

Outsourcing saves money Image Sagari

Outsourcing saves money

Outsourcing your servers to Sagari is a cost-effective way or removing the burden and costs associated with running these internally. With saving across time, energy and hardware alone. It makes sense to many businesses to make that move.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in IT costs
  • Removes the burden internally
  • Highly secure and reliable
  • ISO9001 approve for consistent quality
  • Backed up everyday all year round

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