Hosted VOIP

The HostedPBX give your staff the ability to work from anywhere. A cloud-based phone system gives your business the flexibility and scalability to grow, taking your desk phone anywhere you have an internet connection.

This means your employees will have access to the CloudPBX service at any time, wherever they are. CloudPBX takes total advantage of Voice over IP technology, bringing all the great features and benefits of that service to your CloudPBX devices.

Why Choose Sagari Hosted VOIP?

How does it work? Image Sagari

How does it work?

CloudPBX is full of features that help to make it easy for you and your staff to manage calls. Employees can easily keep in touch with everyone they need to regardless of their location, whether they are in the office, working remotely or on the road.

The service also has iOS, Android and Desktop applications that turn almost any device into a full-featured extension of your desk phone. As there’s no on-site installation required for the service, it’s easy to get it up and running with little to no impact on your business during installation.

Once the service is set up, you’ll have access to a simple-to-use portal so everyone can manage their calls and call settings. Making it easier than ever to set up call forwarding, re-direct, busy, transfer etc. and because you can answer the phone at any time, you’ll never miss a call again.

Focus on your core business Image Sagari

Focus on your core business

The solution will remove the complexity and frustration of managing multiple suppliers.

Your business will benefit significantly from:

  • Increased level of competitiveness by focusing resources on the core business
  • Move the capital cost of a PBX off the balance sheet, freeing up capital for other critical projects

No costly IT to worry about Image Sagari

No costly IT to worry about

We take care of everything:

The days of having to provide costly space, power and resources in your premises are over

You’re still in charge:

Our self-service portals for IT managers and end users mean you never lose sight of what is happening or the ability to control what’s going on, e.g. adding new users or editing addresses of home/remote workers

Scale up or down as required Image Sagari

Scale up or down as required

We understand businesses are constantly changing - adding new offices or growing out of old ones. Hosted services can flex with your own business needs. This flexibility lowers the cost of change and gets you up and running sooner.

Gain productivity from Unified Communications Image Sagari

Gain productivity from Unified Communications

Unified Communications features are proven to help increase business productivity

Integrate your Desk Phone, PC, Mac, Mobile Phone and Tablet into a seamless platform

Effortlessly communicate with colleagues and customers through simple, easy to use features.

Nothing to worry about Image Sagari

Nothing to worry about

We take care of updating and managing the entire hosted service including innovative new features as they become available.

There is no need to worry about technology obsolescence as we will always provide you access to the latest features to make sure you are always ahead of the competition.

Key Benefits

  • Scale from 1 to 1000’s instantly
  • Increase business productivity
  • Run your phone service on almost any device
  • Instant Disaster Recovery built in
  • Vastly reduce your call cost
  • Monthly subscription cost

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