Online Backup & DR

With a Sagari hosted online backup, you can be sure your business information will always be there when you need it. With our single online backup service or our more advanced online backup and DR service, we can provide 2 high secure and reliable solution to provide you peace of mind over your data and disaster recovery requirements.

Why Choose Sagari Online Backup?

Put your Data with someone you can trust Image Sagari

Put your Data with someone you can trust

Ensuring your business data is safe is critical which is why Sagari backup your data in an ultra-secure ex-nuclear bunker 30m underground. Sagari are ISO27001 which means we can put our name to proving the highest security standards for running and managing your online backup.

Unlimited backup for a fixed fee Image Sagari

Unlimited backup for a fixed fee

We don’t confused you with prices per Gigabytes. We simply charge you a small fixed fee per device and you can backup as much as you want. This give you peace of mind you won’t be charged more for backing up more data.

Disaster Recovery all in an appliance Image Sagari

Disaster Recovery all in an appliance

It is not just an appliance that can perform a few backups. It is a full Disaster Recovery solution. Disk Images or SnapShots of entire servers can be performed and easily restored. A broken or failed server can be quickly restored to its exact point using the Disk Imaging system. 

High availability disaster recovery Image Sagari

High availability disaster recovery

We can provide high availability disaster recovery solution for that extra piece of mind. If you require mirrored servers running in multiple locations so in the event of a server fail, you can instantly switch across.

Key Benefits

  • Fixed fee unlimited backup per device
  • Automated and managed 24/7 365
  • 256-bit encryption online backup
  • Easy click and restore of data
  • 24/7 UK based support desk
  • Ultra-secure ex nuclear bunker datacentre
  • ISO27001 and ISO 9001 accredited

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