IT Audits

Get a true breakdown of what your IT Systems look like and what is costing you money. Understanding Return on Investment and over utilised systems are 2 different things. Sagari can provide a true overview of  how cost-effective your systems are now and a roadmap of what needs to be done.

Award Winning Auditing Software Image Sagari

Award Winning Auditing Software

Sagari have invested in Centrastage auditing software which allows us to take a snapshot of your current system and analyze how it is performing. This will allow our experts to understand quickly what is working and what is not.

Take Control of you IT supplier contracts Image Sagari

Take Control of you IT supplier contracts

It is very common for your IT contracts to run away with you, with mixes of different terms ending at different times., with different Service Levels and multiple suppliers. Sagari can help you align your contracts so you can make better decisions, reduce costs and improve supplier services.

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Interviews with Relevant Stakeholders

Understanding the key people using these systems is a vital part of our IT audit. It allows us to understand what is working now, and what needs to be changed as part of your future plans and help deliver a roadmap with benefits you.

IT Audit Report and Roadmap Image Sagari

IT Audit Report and Roadmap

Sagari provide a thorough report of your current system and what needs to be addressed immediately, and what needs to change over a mapped out timeframe as part of your roadmap. Sagari help you clearly understand what needs to be done and how to achieve this.

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