Infrastructure Management

Delivering a complete proactive support solution which focuses on more than just reactive management. Instead a whole approach which delivers on helping your business run smoother with no hickups along the way, by future proofing you using business intelligence, reporting and monitoring.

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Network Management

Sagari can manage all your devices 24x7, as part of a proactive network management plan. As part of your service, we will actively manage your network and devices to ensure the smooth running of your service and optimal performance. Any problems will be alerted back to our Network Operations Team, where our strong resource of highly trained engineers will be on hand to remotely diagnose and fix. Issues requiring on-site support, we will dispatch a field engineer to your site within the service agreement time.

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Managed Monitoring

Sagari use a mix of tools, depending on the requirements and solution. This includes Autotask Endpoint management (Cetrastage), Nagios and custom built Server/network monitoring. Sagari also use simple ping test monitoring for WAN up-times, to ensure we can report on a client’s site being up/down. 

Sagari proactively monitor your devices, and alert of these depending on the triggers we set-up as part of the on-boarding process. These means the Sagari team can fix issues early on before they become more serious, such as downtime and system crashes.

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Workflow Automation

Once your audit and on-boarding process have been completed so you are live, you will be provided a portal to access all of your services from Sagari. This portal has a very powerful workflow tool at the back, which allows Sagari to automate your business processes. You will be provided the standard workflows as part of the package which will allow us to manage your queries/requests to the highest quality standard, with minimum human error.

Additionally, we can invest time with you, to build out workflows specific to your business, which take up a lot of time and manual intervention

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After a period of time, Sagari can build up reporting that will allow us to analyse your data to future proof your business from potential issue later on. This could include slow ups due to resource being used up, bottlenecks on you internet line because of bandwidth requirements, requirements to upgrade hardware and software, training issues etc. 

This would be provided as part of your service, where your Account Manager would work with you to discuss the reports and what to take action on proactively.

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Optimisation and Configuration

Sometimes it is negative to see that everything just works smoothly and wonder what Sagari are doing for the monthly service cost. The Sagari operations team will be constantly working in the background to ensure of the well-being of your Network. We will be dealing into devices to ensure changes that are required are managed. This includes as follows:

  • Windows Patching to ensure security is applied to all necessary devices
  • Anti-Virus updates are configured and applied correctly
  • Firmware updates required to lock down security as required
  • Server clean ups to ensure optimal performance is implemented
  • Group Policies to automate and standardise as many tasks as possible

By running in this best practice methodology, utilising ITIL service desk – Sagari can ensure we are delivering the best customer experience possible.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive monitoring of all devices
  • Alerting and remote diagnose to fix
  • Automate your business processes
  • Report analysis for future proofing
  • Health checks and consistent optimisation

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