From our research conducted with our happy clients, one of the main things highlighted when asked what is most important to them with using our IT Services – Our clients answered a stable and resilient system. So Sagari went away and delivered on what our customers wanted most.

A Stable Platform means Happy Satisfied Customers

Highly Resilient and Stable UK only based datacentres Image Sagari

Highly Resilient and Stable UK only based datacentres

Sagari wanted to find a highly secure, resilient and stable datacentre company to host our servers with. This is why we chose UKFast who provide 100% guaranteed up-time which was the only option we wanted to go for our clients.

6 Monthly Audits of our Systems Image Sagari

6 Monthly Audits of our Systems

Independent auditors visit Sagari to ensure we comply with the latest regulations, compliance, DR and Security – This is partly to ensure that we can provide the high levels of resilience and stability across our services.

99.99% Up-Time Guarantees Image Sagari

99.99% Up-Time Guarantees

Sagari provide very strong guarantees on our up-times. This we can put our from the internet connectivity we supply, hosted services we run and the datacentres we run from. All of this is backed up with penalty clauses if we don’t meet these service levels.

Quality Control Against our Services Image Sagari

Quality Control Against our Services

Sagari measure how we perform on the stability and reliability of our services/platforms, by using KPI’s which we set against our ISO9001 Quality Control. Sagari set metrics which ensure we can guarantee services which are highly reliable.

Removing the Hops Image Sagari

Removing the Hops

Sagari understand that running online services means it requires using the internet. Sagari use a list of technical solutions that may mean nothing to you such as peering, interconnects and VPN’s, that allow us to reduce the amount of places or hops it requires to get to your destination – Making the solution more reliable and stable.

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