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Sagari spent a lot of time considering the type of datacentres we wanted to host our servers in. We wanted to ensure they took the same level of care and attention around, Security, Stability, Speed and Service.

UKfast Datacentres seemed the obvious choice for us because of their best-of-breed, enterprise-grade infrastructure in UK-based only data centres. UKfast understand how important speed and security are in business. They combine this technology with high resilience, super-fast connectivity and exceptional levels of on-site and server security. Take a virtual tour.

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Why Choose a UKFast Data Centre?

UKFast data centres are carrier-neutral and ISO 27001 accredited. By fully owning all aspects of our data centres (the land, buildings, energy centres, infrastructure and operating systems) UKFast are able to design, build and operate their facilities to globally-recognised industry best practice standards, whilst having complete control and flexibility to meet current and future business needs.

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Power Efficiency

UKFast know how important power efficiency is for the environment and for reducing costs, which is why our data centres have an average PUE of <1.3. To you, this means the ratio of total amount of energy used by a computer data center facility, to the energy delivered to computing equipment

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UKFast ISO-accreditation demonstrate commitment to rigorous security procedures and protocols that are always in place. As you are aware this is one of most important considerations we take in designing our services. UKFast really are best of breed security when running our due diligence process.

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UKFast have invested heavily into state-of-the-art data centres so you don't have to, giving you peace of mind that your hardware is protected, connected and secured. With value adds like leading anti-DDOs attacking and fastest performing network, UKFast outperform on value.

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With UPS systems, standby diesel generators and high-density infrastructures in excess of 15kW per rack, UKFast power supply is resilient and uninterrupted. With 100% up-time guarantee, it was the obvious choice for our customers

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Carrier-neutral, UKFast have leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, and peering agreements in place, so you have total choice. This is of massive importance when deciding on a datacentre, because who you peer with has an affect on speed, when using a hosted service across your ISP and the datacentre.

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UKFasts technical engineers are on-site at the data centres 24/7/365, available whenever Sagari need assistance with the services we host

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